Lotte and pianist Joseph Havlat perform Messiaen’s masterwork Harawi: Chants de l’amour et de mort at the Dartington International Festival and Summer School.

A rare chance to hear Messiaen’s epic, Wagner-inspired Tristan song cycle written in 1945, drawing on symbolist poetry and love songs of the South American Andes, performed by two of Australia’s rising stars.

Full details at the Festival website.

Messiaen – Harawi: Song of Love and Death

  1. La ville qui dormait, toi (The city that slept, you)

  2. Bonjour toi, colombe verte (Hello there, you green dove)

  3. Montagnes (Mountains)

  4. Doundou tchil

  5. L’amour de Piroutcha (Piroutcha’s love)

  6. Répétition planétaire (Planetary repetition)

  7. Adieu (Farewell)

  8. Syllabes (Syllables)

  9. L’escalier redit, gestes du soleil (Staircase retold, gestures of the sun)

  10. Amour oiseau d’étoile (Love star-bird)

  11. Katchikatchi les étoiles (Katchikatchi the stars)

  12. Dans le noir (In the dark)